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The Top Free Things to Do in Venice Beach, Florida

Free Things to Do in Venice Beach, Florida

Venice Beach in Florida has 14 miles of beach which runs between the Casey and Manasota Keys. Accommodation of various types abounds but you may also be wondering about what kinds of low budget or free activities you can engage in during your stay. There is no shortage of things to do in Venice Beach so here are some of them which you can choose from that won’t cause you to have to break the bank just to have some fun and relaxation.

If you have kids and want to allow them to enjoy the outdoors as well as enjoy some well needed and welcome family time, here are a few options.

Centennial Park

This park located on Venice Avenue is a popular venue for car shows and farmer’s markets. It has many picnic spots where you can place your spread or use the picnic tables instead. It is rather child-friendly with a nice little area for children to enjoy the interactive splash pad and there is also a gazebo available for use.

Humphris Park

This park located on Tarpon Center Drive is another free public area and has available to visitors, restrooms, showers, picnic tables and park benches. It is a great relaxing area for the family and there is also space for kids to run around.

Waterway Park

This park offers a little more than a regular one does. It has several waterways running along it through which you might be able to sight dolphins on occasion. There is also a 9 ½ mile trail which you may choose to cycle or walk along.

If you have dogs that are also a part of the family and want to factor in some fun time for them, here are two ideal spots.

Brohard Paw Park

This is the preferred park for dogs because it has amenities tailored for dogs such as showers, fire hydrants, and drinking fountains. The next awesome feature is that there is a walkway which leads to the Gulf beach on which the dogs are allowed. The beach too further caters to dogs with the many garbage bins and waste bags to clean up after your pet.

Woodmere Dog Park

This park has two sections. A large open area better suited for the larger dogs as well as a smaller enclosed area for small breed dogs. There are also lots of trees to take the heat of the sun off them and water bowls available throughout the park for them to refresh themselves. There are also quite a number of balls and other doggy toys lying around for them to play with.

If you are into the arts you’ll really enjoy these two venues which represent other things to do in Venice.

Cabaret of Magic

While not a free entertainment option, this theatre offers live magical shows which include tricks and there is also a store to purchase keepsakes.

The Venice Museum and Archives

This museum houses an impressive collection of photographs, literature, and objects which make up the various aspects of the history of Venice. It is totally free to the public and is open on specific days of the week and also some Saturdays.

If you’re more into outdoor activities, then you can choose from the various trails, beaches, and fishing venues.

Public Golf Courses

There is no dearth of public golf courses in Venice, Florida. This quaint town boasts no less than 10 public-play golf facilities. If you have a penchant for golf or can’t let a day go by without taking a swing at the ball, you must check out these 10 best golf courses near Venice Beach, FL.

Legacy trail

This 10-mile long hiking trail runs along the train depot in Venice beach, starting from Palmer Ranch and ending in Venice. It offers much enjoyment for people who are into biking and hiking. A word of caution though is to wear sun proof gear and to carry lots of liquids for hydration since it does not offer much in the way of shaded areas.

Venice Fishing Pier

Free fishing can be yours to enjoy on this 700 ft pier which stretches into the sea. You can bring your own bait or purchase them from the bait shop located on the pier.

Venice Area Audubon Society

Located on the Tamiami trail in Venice Beach, the Audubon Society is a wildlife conservatory which caters mainly to birds. You can visit here to enjoy bird watching and take photos of the many species you happen to sight.

Jelks Preserve

Another wildlife conservatory, this preserve is located in the River Road area and is accessible to visitors free of charge right around the year. Spanning just over 600 acres of land, you can roam freely and take in all the interesting wildlife and flora it has to offer.

Of course, another outdoor option is always the beach. This is something there is no shortage of in Venice and is among the many free things to do there.

Venice Beach

This popular beach venue offers free admission and parking as well as a pavilion for dining and also concessions stands.

Caspersen Beach

More than your average beach, the Caspersen beach is popular when it comes to hunting for shark teeth. You can explore the many walking trails and also lounge on the benches distributed throughout the beach.

Manasota Beach

This beach is a great spot to start out from for a fishing expedition as it has boat ramps and also its own area to fish from. Some of the popular hiking and biking trails lead to this beach.

If you are a beach lover and just can’t do without the sun, the sand and the sea, then you must check out the best 5 beaches in Venice & Sarasota County Area, Florida.